Vibrant parish creating a Landmark in Colorado

St Luke OCC in Erie, Colorado is a young and vibrant Parish located just south of Boulder in the Metro Denver area.

The Temple is nearly complete

Update:  The Parish of St Luke has moved into their new home!  Mountain States Constructing together with the church leadership and CJK Design got this project completed in a minimum amount of time.  A beautiful realization of their vision. 

Exciting progress is underway showing what a small group with a big dream can accomplish.

 This Beautiful, Humble, Manifestation of Orthodoxy has become an Instant Landmark and focal point attracting catechumens to the True Faith as well as the affectionate admiration of the townspeople.

This is a miracle in that:

 1) The parish is under 100 families

 2) Started initial planning in late summer ’08 and will be completed by summer ‘10

 3) The Site and Building Cost is $2.8 million (Church Temple of 6,484 gsf, Support Building 8,431 gsf with Basic Finishes on a Site of approximately 10 Acres)

 4) Opportune Construction and lending environment along with Faithful Stewardship by this group that is small in numbers BUT large in terms of faithfulness.

 A Pre-selected General Contractor Approach was utilized (Mountain States Construction has been an vital part of the team) with Core Church Leadership under CJK’s direction and orchestration.

 Creation of the Vision, accompanied by Prudent, Judicious and Proactive teamwork by the Core Initial Parish leadership with CJK set the pace and path for successful results.  This is a model that a small parish can be inspired by and follow.

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