Unveiling the Icons

As final preparations are made to complete the new St Sophia Temple, we wanted to share with you a number of images highlighting the glorious iconography of Dr George Kordis.

The Parish held an official unveiling of the icons ceremony on March 10, 2012.  The highlight was a keynote talk describing the iconographic process, the way it relates to the architecture and their meanings by Dr. Kordis himself. Sure to provide additional insight, here is the text. ICONOGRAPHY SERMON

A brief excerpt:

…Iconography, the narrating of an Orthodox church, is something much more than the decoration of the space…

“I narrate the Church” means in reality that I render with artistic media the experience of the body of the Church for life; it means that I make visible the belief that the Church is the unity of Son of God and man in the person of Christ; that the Church is the unity of all as it is declared in the words of the Divine Liturgy….

…following the byzantine painting tradition, he is to attempt to handle the painted space and time in such a way as to bring as much as is depicted into the liturgical presence of the Church; to give to the beholder the sense that whatever is depicted did not just live in the past and is frozen in another time period, but is alive, and that they live among us in a wonderful unity with us in the body of Christ.

Please enjoy the following images looking at the new Temple and its iconography as it approaches completion.  Stay tuned for more on the upcoming Paschal Thyranoixia on April 7, 2012.

Entry Iron Door with Fresco above

Dr Kordis and his team at the Unveiling being introduced by Fr Peter

Standing at the altar you can get a sense of the expansive space in the new Temple with the iconography crowning the volume. Flooring is being installed

The icon in the Nave starts from the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, goes to St. Matthew the evangelist, to Nativity of Christ, to St. John the theologian, to Baptism, to St. Luke, to Crucifixion  to St. Mark and ends to Anastasis Icon which illustrates the redemption of Human kind from the slavery of death.

From the Mezzanine you can get an up-close view of the iconography.

Dr Kordis and his Assistant reviewing their work

The Pantocrator with his Prophets in the Dome

Installing the floor in the Nave with the Pendentive and Dome iconography visible. Future iconography to fill the entire space.

Detail of the Pantocrator (ruler of all)

Looking to the Soleas and the Apse with the icon of the Theotokos. Kordis finished the column paint as well.

Detail of one of the pendentive spaces

Scenes from the band around the Dome Drum

The New Temple will speak to the Majesty and Presence of the Creator

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