Praise the Lord Through the Small Church Temple


Be transported on an Odyssey viewing of some of our projects of Small Church Temples – Dedicated to the Glory of God. These efforts are emblematic of the incredible faith , efforts and tireless work of the good and dedicated people of Parishes creating a legacy – past, present and future for the ages to come.
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Warmest Regards to you and yours – for a
Blessed Celebration of Christmas !


Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church of Metro Chicago…

St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church, in Elgin Illinois, as the project moves forward toward construction in Spring. We will keep you posted on its progress. Attached is a beautiful poster, as well as a video, that shows the spirit of this incredible Church Temple, dedicated to the glory of God by CJK DESIGN, based upon it’s AXIOS prototype. Working with a great leadership team, the Parish, which has risen to the occasion and is very excited about moving forward!

Link to video is here



Creating Heaven on Earth

In the studio of CJK Design, we work in the creation of transformative buildings, as well as the development of Sacred Space, which is related to artifacts and Iconography.

The goal within earthly budgets is to create Heaven on Earth.

We have developed a short presentation of some of our projects that beyond their beauty have become landmarks, are extraordinary, and have been implemented within ordinary reasonable budgets. We, as architects, are skilled in working with available resources and the client, as a team member, creating Heaven on Earth.

Experience and cherish this brief journey…… of beauty and illumination.

Link to our presentation on the Iconic Dome Crown.